A Book Synthesis of "The Leader in You" by Dale Carnegie

The Leader in You by Dale Carnegie is a self-development book about leadership that was first released in 1993. In his book, Carnegie explains that leadership and social skills are things that are needed in building relationships, not only by a leader but for all people, not only in business but in all aspects of life.

Good leadership skills are not innate talents when we were born but must be learned and honed. According to Carnegie, several ways can be done, one of which is to find the soul of a leader within ourselves. The process of knowing yourself is very important at this stage. Knowing our qualities of ourselves, and the skills we have and having a clear, attractive, realistic, and credible picture or vision of the future is the key. Vision alone is not enough. We must be able to set corporate goals that everyone should know and be able to set priorities. After knowing all these things, then we can give examples with concrete actions, not only with words.

After building the leadership spirit within us, the next step is to start communicating. Communication must be two-way and open, not discriminate against others. To make other people comfortable communicating with us we must build trusting relationships and show that we like them so that they will be comfortable talking to us.


A leader must also be able to motivate the people around him. The trick is to give them attention, trust, and respect so that they feel valued. In addition, the company's goals must also be common goal by involving everyone in all processes. That way, other people who work with us will feel motivated to show their best.

Sincerity is also important in leadership. Showing sincerity and interest in other people's ideas makes them feel recognized and important. In addition, we also need to see things from the other person's point of view by asking what they want and feel. Listening skills like this are very important for us to learn. We must be able to encourage others to share their ideas by listening to them speak patiently, openly, and attentively.

Goals certainly cannot be realized in a day. Therefore it takes solid cooperation in a team. Leaders must provide opportunities for others to act creatively and develop their talents and believe that everyone has a meaningful contribution to make to achieve common goals. In addition to recognizing themselves, leaders must also be observant in recognizing each talent and individual of its members and be able to maximize the potential that exists in them. Congratulating them on their success and not criticizing them in public will make others feel respected. The purpose of giving criticism is not to judge but to correct mistakes. Two ways can be done, namely by observing the 3+1 rule and using the sandwich method. 3+1 is a way of conveying criticism in writing by writing three positive things about the person who will be criticized and then followed by one criticism. Not much different from that, the sandwich method is also a method of criticism by starting with the positive achievements that have been made and then continues with things that still need to be developed. The point is, in conveying criticism must be careful.

Another characteristic of a leader is the courage to admit mistakes and accept constructive criticism. Making mistakes is human and a part of life. Do not be discouraged and continue to focus, be disciplined, and be confident to achieve the goals that have been set. A good leader will not be ashamed to admit he was wrong if he makes a mistake, wants to take responsibility for the mistake, and find ways to prevent it from happening again.

To continue to be productive in everyday life requires a balance between work and something outside of it. Spend time with family, exercise, and recreation. Having a positive mentality is also needed. Thoughts have the power to change reality. Learn not to worry and stress. Focus on the present and do not worry about the past or the future but still prepare for the worst. No less important is the power of enthusiasm. Enthusiasm is contagious. So the best way to get other people excited is to show enthusiasm first through appearance, demeanor and way of speaking.

So, are you ready to be a leader?